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Read this repeatedly for 3 times to affirm yourself for happiness.

  1. I am the happiest person in the universe
  2. I am happy for this wonderful life where each day is a celebration.
  3. I am the masterpiece of my life and I am happier than all the masterpiece of the universe.
  4. I am happy to extent where I forget myself.
  5. Love is the foundation of happiness and so I love everyone selflessly.
  6. I am an independent lover of happiness and my happiness makes others happy.
  7. I am surrounded by the atmosphere of happiness where sorrows get dissolved in my happiness.
  8. I am the representative of happiness for this nature and the universe.
  9. Everything makes me happy irrespective of reasons and situation.
  10. I am the father, mother, child, lover, friend, master and soul of happiness.


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