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Read this repeatedly for 3 times to affirm yourself for powerful nervous system:

  1. I love and care a lot for my nervous system.
  2. My nerves are excellent and strong.
  3. I am happy with my excellent nervous system.
  4. My dear nervous system you are so great to me.
  5. My nervous system travels the whole body as a messenger of my brain and mind, so I transmit love, happiness, friendship and compassion to all the organs through it.
  6. I eliminate stress through my exhalation of my breath and inhale all positivity to circulate in my nervous system.
  7. My nervous system loves me a lot as it indicates all about my body.
  8. I praise my nervous system for its greatest and unbelievable job.
  9. I am gifted to have such a beautiful system within my body.
  10. I cared, I am caring and I will care my nervous system with loving kindness. neurons-120208
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