What is Positive Consciousness?

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Consciousness is a combination of Knower, Knowing and Known. A knowledge is the action of this three activities and when this is active you gain, give, multiply and vibrate the knowledge. This a process to feel and not a subject to learn.

Positive Consciousness

This is nothing but a combination of Positive knower, knowing about positivity and vibrating the positive knowledge. A wide range of positive consciousness expands and creates an internal and external world of positivity.

How to practise?

Just think of a positive thought, say ” Active”. You are the positive knower of it, You say or repeat it then you are knowing the positivity and when understanding the power of this positive thought then it is the known. Just in a silent mind repeat the positive thought. Your consciousness expands with your positive attitude. Expanding your consciousness not only creates positive thought but also brings changes in your attitude.

Just think two positive thoughts a day as many times as possible.

You will find that thought joining your life travel.

You will enjoy the bliss of the positive world.

It will vibrate within you and outside you.

You will be a transformer of the positive world you create.

Then how can any negative aspect touch us. We are the designer of our deeds.

Think positive. Live positive. Vibrate positive.

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