Lesson of Nature 2 – Blissfulness

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Blissfulness internally and externally

Blissfulness is the secret of life which nature reveals itself every moment. Nature is ultimately happy which is the natural blissfulness and explains everyone to be in bliss. Blissfulness is the ultimate happiness through which nature exists. For example, in the morning, the Sun brings blissfulness of the day, air brings bliss of the life force, water brings bliss of life, earth brings the bliss of acceptance. Hence life is full of bliss in every moment. With bliss, nature expands day by day. If we are able to understand and dance with the bliss of nature then comes the bliss of life within us.

Observe the blissfulness in Nature:

Blissfulness is present in and around us.

  1. As we get up in the morning observe the bliss in the air around us.
  2. Hear to the bird’s song which converts the bliss of air into musical notes.
  3. Smell the fragrance of the flower found in your garden through the bliss of air.
  4. Put your tongue out and consciously taste the bliss of air.
  5. Make your mind still to observe the stillness of the air and the bliss of air flowing through you.

Above is an example to observe the bliss in every aspect of nature.

Blissfulness in every situation and every moment:

Nature is always conscious of itself and so it is blissful. Thus observe and be conscious with all the activity that you do in a day. It is twenty-four hours and will have no period of rest. Nature never goes into rest but does the duty restfully. So when we want to practice bliss, being in rest is a part of it. Consciously move, sit, act, eat, talk and just be. While eating don’t think of another activity or else the bliss of eating will be lost. Bliss comes through consciously doing an activity. Be like nature and be natural. When you are conscious of each moment then it means that you are still but flowing with bliss, acceptance, and love. You become the part of existence. You dance with nature and one day you will be a bliss yourself, you will be the nature of yourself.


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