Lesson of Nature 5 – Enthusiasm

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Nature is a fantastic teacher. It teaches us lot of things. One such thing is enthusiasm. All things in the nature is allotted with various works. All things will have a unique work based on which other works will be carried out. For example, soil have a unique duty of maintaining its minerals and other important substances, additionally it will have other duties based on soil, plants, animals, rivers etc. which will also develop.  . Every day and every second nature performs its duty. It is enthusiastic and never feels bad to work the same thing.

                                Nature creates, loves, cares, evolves, regularly and is enthusiastic in it. When you are enthusiastic you do things energetically and that is why nature is powerful. We can and should learn this lesson of enthusiasm. When we do our duty with enthusiasm, we became the creator of our ideas. Love the duty, care for success and evolve yourself as a master of your duty. Regularly doing it will make you most powerful in your duty. Nowadays all the people do their duty with dissatisfaction which leads to lack of enthusiasm. Let’s learn the following things from the nature:

1.       Every day is a new day to start enthusiastically.

2.       Complete your duty with full potential.

3.       Performing the duty with enthusiasm gives power.

4.       You create your own creativity in your duty, love it, execute it, analyze it and develop yourself.

5.       Enthusiasm in duty helps you to master it. It is the first and final step to success.

Enthusiasm – a start and path way to success in align to nature.

                As soon as your day start you have to think that your day has started. Do not fix constraints to do your duty.  You have only 86400 seconds per day to perform your duty. People have lots of doubt. We have heard   people saying “what is my duty?”, “I have studied but did not get a job”. This shows that they have not analyzed what their duty is. Say if a person completes a degree and is waiting to get job, then what he had studied is his duty. Till he gets a job he should prepare anything in his field. He should work himself on his area. Even if he gets a job, he should continue it.


1.       I am united with nature.

2.       I am equally enthusiastic.

3.       I love the duty allotted by nature to me.

4.       I am performing my duty selflessly.

5.       I am enthusiastic each and every minute.


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