Lesson of Nature 7 – Generosity

by pvwsociety | January 5, 2018 1:00 pm

Generosity in Nature is a form of lesson which is directly visualized in its maximum possibility. Nature is of abundance and it is always happy in its creation[1] because its creation shows generosity. All that the nature gives is selfless and demands nothing back from us. When you give something it naturally gives back to us many many times multiplied. You give love then nature being generous it gives back to us tremendously. It never shows partiality or resistance in giving and teaches us how to be generous.Learning lessons from nature is a gift as it teaches methodology to become immortal forever. Nature’s lesson on generosity is amazing.

Observation from nature:

  1. Nature is generous with its five elements as it is abundant and it can be used by anyone.
  2. Nature shows its generosity with all it has created and it works in alignment with natural law.
  3. It has no limitation and it has nothing to hide. Blind folded people couldn’t see the truth.
  4. When we observe, we can see all dual are plenty, light and darkness, etc.
  5. Anyone at any time can make use of Nature’s lavishness. And everyone is using every minute without their consciousness
  6. Human body unites with nature and has plenty of governing systems.

Methods to create positive vibration with generosity in connection with nature:

We can just repeat the following affirmation for 3 times a day to enjoy the natures gift.

  1. I am in alignment with nature generously share, the natures gift with everyone.
  2. Allow I, the nature to make me an instrument in the process of nature’s generous responsibilities.
  3. Happy I am to be a part of it.
  4. I thank the nature to make me generous.
  5. I appreciate the entire creation for its generosity.

When we start enjoying and appreciate the nature’s richness, we are happily blesses by the nature.


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