Lesson Of Nature 1 – Acceptance

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Acceptance is one of the wonderful lessons that nature teaches us. From creation to destruction, from birth to death, nature has never opposed anything. It has just accepted everything that comes on its way and has just given its outputs. We have destroyed the nature through pollution but it has accepted and has shown the result of the unbearable natural change. Hence the change is to be done with us and not with nature. We have to accept our world and try to dance with it. Then nature will teach you the great secret of acceptance, then acceptance will lead you to a beautiful world of awareness leading to success.

If you create war with nature then survival will be a question. Just think a tree which accepts any kind water without opposing it. It has nothing to do with the taste of the fruit, so no opposition. The person who poured the water eats the fruit and finds the change in the taste. The result is felt only by the person who does and not by the acceptor. So instead of the doing unwanted things,  let us be an acceptor. Life of an acceptor bears fruit whereas a person who does something has the ego with the result of his action.

Acceptance is basic of all lessons of nature:

There is a great flow of acceptance in nature which we never observe. Nature accepts you and you accept it otherwise existence is not possible. A sign of acceptance is seen the miracle of our body which is beyond science to understand. Hence we can see the same miracle of nature in our body as it has accepted us. When we are against nature then also it accepts us giving diseases to manage the negative thing that you have done. If we understand this and change our lifestyle in accordance with the acceptance of nature then life is a heaven, living is godliness.

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