Lesson of Nature 3 – Creativity

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Origin of River Cauvery in India

Creativity is an internal power which nature happens to be. It is that which happens to be the part of any creation and destruction. It also forms the basis of transformation from duality to oneness. Nothing can be differentiated from the creativity of nature. Each and every creation of nature is a masterpiece in its creativity. We have developed a lot of artificial intelligence but couldn’t and cannot win the art of creativity in nature. Where does this arise from? Are they created? If so from where? This is one of the greatest lessons of nature which we should try to learn.

Creativity – A great message.

Normally we talk about science and its development. We feel amazed when we reach the outer space and other artistic discovery of nature. But we never learn the message regularly. Shall we have a small example to explain this message?

We know that water is a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen but we cannot prepare it in a laboratory. The combination of these two gasses produces an explosion and not water though if created then also it will be of too expensive.  Thus it declared impossible to produce water artificially in the laboratory. Here nature is very creative, just imagine, two explosive gasses, one highly inflammable and other being the supporter of combustion, joins to form water which puts off the fire and is the elixir of life.

Another amazing fact is the starting point of a river which allows water flowing abundantly is a small hole of emptiness. Just understand the message now, a higher creativity is born from emptiness which is still, aware and keeps going on. Water will be born out of emptied stillness. It will be aware of its path which makes it keep flowing towards its destination.Just understand the message now, a higher creativity will be born from emptiness which will remain still, aware and will keep going on. Water will be born out of its emptied stillness and will be aware of its path which makes it keep flowing towards its destination.

The lesson of creativity we have to learn…

Make your mind still with emptiness, aware of yourself and feel the let go of creativity leading to the greatest creation.



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