Lesson of Nature 4 – Dedication

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Lesson of Nature 4 – Dedication

Dedication is the greatest lesson which the new generation has to learn from nature.  It has become a normal question that what will be the use of doing this work and doing that work. Have we ever seen nature asking this question or creating any such problem? Nature never reduces its work and has no reason behind any of its amazing duties. Dedication brings results but nature never expects it. How do we do our duties? Are we dedicated to our duties? Are we happy all the time? Amidst of all problems that we give to nature, it is on its way.

Dedication and Duties

It has become a habit that normally people start to blame their work, employer, fate, family, etc. but have we ever found any part of the nature blaming any other part of nature. No, because it knows there is no use in blaming as it is not its duty. Nature never concentrates on the result of its duty rather it concentrates on its creativity and expansion. If we are aware of our nature then one thing is very clear that its dedication leads more creativity and changes. Similarly, if we dedicate to our duty then our creativity will increase leading to the expansion of our knowledge and activity. Then success is inevitable.

Dedication for

  1. Parents lead to the development of new creative society and feature.
  2. Children lead to education, knowledge, enlightenment, happiness.
  3. Teacher leads to new learning methods, creativity, internal and external psychological development, making and flourishing a new world.
  4. Employer leads to personal development, social development, economic development of personal, social and national.
  5. Employee leads to Job enhancement, happiness, success, monetary benefit and mastering the profession.
  6. Politician leads to the development of country and people. Help to restore natural laws.
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