Lesson of Nature 6 – Friendship

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Nature has got various lessons to teach us but we are not aware of it. We say that we don’t have time to observe. But when days passed by, we are introduced to diseases and we find time to stand for consulting the doctor. Nature is an excellent teacher which teaches us through experience. Friend and friendship are two different dimensions where friend is quantity (number of friends) and friendship is a quality. It is not a matter of how many friends you have rather how much friendship you have with everyone. Love and hate look different and opposite but they both have good friendship. Because both love and hate cannot live without each other. So is nature’s creation land, water, fire, air and sky have friendly relationship with each other.

Our body is having friendship with nature directly but we are not aware of it. For example, water fills our earth with 70% and so is our body. If any one of this increases we will die.so the friendship between nature and us is strong and invincible.

Friendship – is the need of the hour.

            The nature wants us to maintain friendship with it and within us. But we are away from the track. We have destroyed the entire harmony and that’s why we have lost various benefits of nature. We have lost water in rivers, minerals in soils, sunlight without UV rays, air without pollution and sky without harmful rays. This resulted in diseases and various other problems. Let’s develop friendship to get back all our natural richness to restore the quality. Let’s develop friendship so ask to avoid destruction.

Friendship will,

  1. Restore the nature.
  2. Avoid dangerous wars.
  3. Develop the quality of life.
  4. Make our health restored.
  5. Protect all living beings.

To develop the invincible power of friendship let us affirm the following.

Affirmation on friendship

  1. I am in friendship with nature.
  2. I love the quality friendship.
  3. Friendship fills my body.
  4. Friendship flows spontaneously from me to all and to everything in nature.

Blessing with positive thought of friendship

  1. Let the earth be restored with friendship.
  2. Wish that every being be filled with friendship.
  3. Let friendship take over the entire creation.
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